A Little Green TLC is a new small business providing home gardening services in Fairfax County, just outside of Alexandria, Virginia. We would appreciate your consideration and support as we launch our Northern Virginia neighborhood home gardening service.

Meet A Little Green TLC’s Owner – Beth Ann

A Little Green TLC is the dream of Beth Ann Ray.  She left her career in infrastructure policy and advocacy at the end of January 2017. After gathering her thoughts and courage, she started A Little Green TLC, a home gardening service. Almost immediately due to requests, she expanded her watering services to include small gardening projects and plant selection.

Beth Ann has been gardening in some form or fashion since she was a little girl. Wonderful childhood memories — of her next-door neighbor’s garden of pansies, sweet peas, moss roses, and marigolds, her grandmother’s backyard tomatoes and planting roses with her aunt fuel her passion.  She has also never forgotten the pumpkin that wasn’t meant to be as kid in her parent’s urban backyard garden.

Most recently her focus has been on container gardening due to sunlight and space challenges living in apartments, rental properties, and a new home. She is interested in creating not only beautiful, productive flower and vegetable gardens but gardens that serve as a habitat for butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Beth Ann feels very lucky to be doing something she loves and that makes neighborhoods and communities beautiful while adding habitat for wildlife. Gardening not only helps make the environment more beautiful and sustainable, but it brings people together – outside in their neighborhood.


A Little Green TLC is a small, neighborhood home gardening service in Fairfax County, just outside of Alexandria, Virginia.  The company is the dream of Beth Ann Ray to help make neighborhoods and communities beautiful one garden at a time.  Beth Ann loves sitting down with A Little Green TLC clients to learn how she can best assist them in their gardening endeavors.

A Little Green TLC gardening services include: watering, basic maintenance such as deadheading and harvesting, small gardening projects including creating vegetable and flower container gardens, plant selection, and indoor plant watering.

Contact A Little Green TLC and grow something green today!

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